Welcome to Aleph Tav Shofars.

Feel free to browse the available shofars below. I mainly make Gemsbok shofars because I love the deep, rich, loud sounds that the horns produce. Gemsbok horns generally produce 3 tones. I can cut the mouth pieces to suit your needs and fit. Generally a larger mouth piece produces a very easy to blow low note, and allows a very strong, loud, and piercing mid note. The high notes can be a bit difficult to achieve due to the wider mouth piece but with a little practice you can be successful in hitting the high register.

Mouth pieces can be made narrow if you wish to focus on the mid and high range.

The horns I craft are generally 32-38 inches in their raw form. Finished horns generally run in the 20-26 inch range. Why are these horns so short? To produce rich, loud , solid notes the mouth piece should be just a few inches from the hollow of the horn. Many Amazon, and other fancy looking polished horns you will see on the web are full size. When blown these horns sound dead and flat. Manufacturers of these horns drill through the solid portion of the horn 8-12 or more inches before they get to the hollow. This long length might allow the horn to maintain its original length but does not lend to a horn that has a powerful sound.  


I seek raw horns that have very wide horn bases, or bells. Skinny horn bases do not make great sounding horns.

All Aleph Tav Shofars are left in their natural form and are not polished or sealed. It's just my preference. I like the 'raw' feel, and the smell of natural horns.

All horns are rubbed with oil containing vitamin E. It is recommended to oil the horns every so often. There is no magic number, but 6 months to 1 year is appropriate. This will keep the horns from splitting and cracking. Mineral oil (yes the laxative oil) is an effective and cost efficient choice.

All Aleph Tav Shofars are anointed with Frankincense and Myrrrh.


Thanks for supporting Aleph Tav Shofars.


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